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USEL/Chasewood Learning offers exciting and fun, hands-on birthday parties centered around robotics and LEGOs!

LEGO WeDo Robotics Party

LEGO Wedo Robotics is a fun hands-on activity where kids make small robotic projects that move and make sounds.

In this party, children work together in small groups to build and program projects using the LEGOs, motors, gears, pulleys... Make a robotic soccer kicker and goalie, a robotic chomping crocodile, and more.

LEGO Battlebots Party

LEGO Battlebots is an exciting activity where robots go head-to-head, attempting to push each other off a sumo mat.

Children work together in teams to build motorized robots using Lego parts. These robots are built to block, push, and disable other robots in a fun and friendly competition!

Parties are one-hour long. We supply the activities to complement your party!!!


Contact Priscilla for more information on these parties and more options!


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