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USEL-Midwest Teams Shine at World Robot Olympiad and
USEL SumoBot Nationals


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
plays host to WRO and USEL SumoBot

Amidst the whirring of gears and the crackling of electricity, a symphony of innovation unfolded, as each team unveiled their robotic creations. The challenges they overcame were as intricate as the pieces within their robots, and the harmony of their teamwork was a testament to their tireless dedication. One couldn't help but marvel at the boundless potential of these minds. The future of STEM shines brilliantly with their passion and skill.


Eli Lewis and Sawyer Rinn

2nd Place Elementary RoboMission

Team AquaBot displayed incredible robotics knowledge and prowess on both days of competition.  Day one the team showcased their skills, dedication, and season's long hard work.  They were able to adapt on the spot to the day two challenge, deconstructing the task and focusing on high point targets. Eli and Sawyer have unlimited future potential.

Bottled Water.HEIC

Bottled Water

Alvin Han and Michael Nie

3rd Place Elementary RoboMission

Team Bottled Water came to the competition ready to take on the challenge.  Alvin and Michael's technical knowledge was on display day one as their bot cleverly navigated the game.  Day two they showcased their team-work and energy as their bot collected points in the on the spot challenge.  Alvin and Michael have a bright and innovative future ahead.

Calel Reynoso

Axol-Bot 2nd Place SumoBots

Creative design, fast-thinking, and excellent driving skills led Axol-Bot to the podium securing a 2nd place finish in the United States Engineering League SumoBot category!  This was Calel's first National event, and is sure to continue soaring high.


Sawyer Rinn

Aquabot 3rd place SumoBots

Amazing driving skills and innovative design are what was demonstrated by Aquabot, a one-day build for this rookie SumoBot driver. Sawyer's resourceful and imaginative mindset secured a 3rd place finish in the United States Engineering League SumoBot category.  The sky is the limit for Sawyer.

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